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RIP Blobs: Google Redesigns Emojis

◆ Permalink originally by Jeremy Burge

Even though this brings the platforms closer together, I’m actually really sad to see them go.

The blob (gumdrop-shaped?) emoji were one of the not-so-many things about which I thought that Android had nailed down in comparison to iOS. My opinion was probably swayed by the Material podcast of which I was a pretty avid listener until about a year ago.

Even though some people have used iOS so much that they considered the round, not-quite-following-the-spec emoji the norm. Actually, it’s not “some people” – it’s probably the majority of smartphone users in the circles I spend my time in. Despite that, my love for blobs has and will remain strong and I’ll be extremely sad about their departure.1

But nonetheless, I have to say that the new emoji are not quite too bad.2 It could have gone worse (as it did previously).

(Also, let me insert this Vinesauce reference: the V-mouth has propagated even to emoji! Multiple times.)

  1. There’s a bit more love for the cute blobs over at The Verge

  2. Well, most of them