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The $999 Surface Laptop is Microsoft's take on the regular old notebook

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Well well well, look who we have here!

So Microsoft just released this new laptop. Having quite a few things in common both with previous Surface products and borrowing elements from Apple’s lineup, this might be one of the most interesting things Microsoft have done this year.

However, there’s one small problem. Windows 10 S seems that it’s trying to tackle the low end of computers, just like Chrome OS. But then this Laptop is a contradiction – I doubt that $999 even comes close to “low-end”.

In any case, there is an option to upgrade directly to Windows 10 Pro for $50, which enables you to use all the things that you would expect (including running Win32 .exes), therefore making this a fine productivity machine… if you feel fine with a single USB-A port (i.e. no USB-C). The other specs look mighty fine.

This looks more like a threat to Apple and their lower-end MacBook line (essentially, MacBook and MacBook Air). We’ll see where this goes. I personally like it, but the thought of being essentially forced to use Windows does not sit well within me.

(Aside: I can’t find anything mentioning the unlockability of the bootloader, which makes me doubt it is possible, especially since the external booting kbase article does not mention the Laptop anywhere. If it is, this makes for a great portable PC replacement, if I can put Linux on it.)