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Google announces the Android O Developer Preview

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Android Christmas is coming!

So right now I have a device that is tragically nearing its official end-of-life from Google, however they’re still making the O Developer Preview available for that device. I guess now you’re sticking to your promises, huh?

Anyway, a highly interesting feature as of now is probably Notification Snoozing. This is something I’ve been missing for apps that don’t support reminders per se and just provide dumb notification services (or their snoozing controls suck – looking at you, Wunderlist).

Another, albeit currently less interesting feature is Notification Categories. I can’t really see an use for this just yet, but perhaps I’m just not in the right mindset yet.

However, the most interesting one right now is the picture-in-picture mode. Telegram has supported an emulation of this for a while now, but native support would be really nice. I actually use PiP on my Mac quite a lot, and I miss it on the rest of my devices every so often.

Notification badges sound nice as well, even though nothing supports them yet.

Anyway, I’m excited! I won’t be leaving Lineage just for O DP, but I’ll still be waiting until there’s a Lineage build (or I get a new phone, which is way less likely than the former).